Beauty world center

The mall holds its origin from two Hockchia entrepreneurs who after getting authorization from the Japanese jurisdictions during the Japanese occupation changed it from a theme park to a real market area. The former beauty world center that was wrecked in a fire in the late 1970s, comprised of open-air businesses as well as provision stores, textile shops, and coffee shops. Today, most of retails occupying the center are stores like foot reflexology, spa, employment agencies, and interior design firms. However, there is an intermittent textile store, and provision shop left over from its previous years. An outdoor nourishment court is on the top floor which is the only one near Upper Bukit Timah Singapore.

Rail mall

The Rail mall which was acquired on 28th June 2018 by SPH REIT. It’s well served by Hillview railway station that’s about two hundred and fifty meters away, and a web of public service buses access it. Additionally, it’s boosted by its
nearness to Pan Island, and Bukit Timah expressways. At this mall, food and beverage (F&B) form a significant business blend to serve the requirements of residents of Fuyong estate, Hillview and Bukit Timah diners. Rail corridor is one of its vital entry points. The mall is famous for its natural surrounding and railway heritage constructions.

Bukit Timah Plaza

This plaza is primarily utilized for office lease and sale. It’s close to Clementi and Dova railway stations. Additionally, this mall is close to several bus stations situated opposite it. Some of the amenities you’ll find here include numerous
eateries located within the building like pizza hut and food court. The mall has NTUC Fairprice hypermarket. This hypermarket is an assemblage of facilities like banks, retail shopping, grocery and many more.

Bukit Timah shopping center

The deliberate aim of this center is to serve as a rental, mall, store, sale and other trades intends. The building has seven storied platforms, and a fourteen storied steeple block. The mall was finished in 1981. It’s Singapore’s first extensively air-conditioned shopping complex, and its jolly pink hue makes it very recognizable. There are numerous restaurants within it with excellent dishes for your contentment. These restaurants include Chicken rice, Hello café and Kit Hainanese. The mall isn’t far from NTUC Fairprice hypermarket and other facilities like banks, retail shopping, and grocery.

The GrandStand

The GrandStand mall is a spacious a million square feet lifestyle terminus that stabilizes accessibility and enjoyment with privacy and serenity. With simple entry to a lavishly spaced vehicle parking lot for over three thousand eight
hundred cars, you won’t have to worry about locating your spot to relish a brimful day of your visit here. You’ll also be able to shop, dine, and play amongst the vast spaces and lush greenery. The mall’s wide blend of retails comprises the latest beauty, health, leisure, shopping, and various services openings.

Clunky court

This mall has some adorable and pricey stores that are oriented towards western taste. There are also some eateries, so if you’re starving after your stroll throughout the Botanic Park and ready to expend a little, you may stop at this mall. On its second floor, there are many boutiques with a blend of home furnishing, hair salons, spas, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. The first floor has remarkable retail such as the straight wine firm and attractive decoration retail bungalow 55.